Only when you are empowered with freedom and opportunity do you rise above the task at hand and take complete ownership to Make a Difference! This is Marico's new stated positioning and it reflects in our new Corporate Office in the business district of Kalina.

The moment you enter the new office, a quick glance at the reception's wall gives you an insight into the company’s DNA and the journey it has made from the days of Parachute and Saffola to an array of new products in the beauty and wellness space. Today, Marico has a portfolio of newer products like Set Wet, Zatak, Livon, Saffola Masala Oats and Parachute Advansed Body Lotion.

The walls adjoining the conference rooms take you through the transition made by brand Parachute. All the brand packs, right from Parachute and Saffola to the newer Set Wet, Livon and Zatak, adorn the light shaded walls, a testament that the company values every brick that was placed to make the Colosseum that is Marico today. On the right, one can relive the journey that Marico has made as it is quite literally posted on the wall. In the note, Harsh Mariwala recalls the vision with which he raised the company from the crowded commodities market of Masjid Bunder to the upscale & posh Bandra Headquarters and now reaching the busy business district of Kalina. Harsh Mariwala subtly weaves in the growth stages of infancy, adolescence and the adulthood of the company into the movement of the headquarters throughout Mumbai.


A leading design firm executed the 60,000 Sq. ft office project with creative inputs from agencies like McCann & Madhouse. The graphics on the walls range from oil flow art on the glass surfaces and pillars. The conference rooms depict the core values in 3D and Doodle art. With a slew of firsts, Marico is providing a strong platform for each of its employees to make a difference. After the consolidation of the international and domestic FMCG businesses and a radical transformation of the manner in which the company will be operating, it was only natural that the next step would have been to move to a bigger office space in order to consolidate the three most important P's: People, Products and Processes. The brief to the agency was simple -

  • Reflect openness, transparency & nurturance
  • Reflect the Marico business
  • Sustainability



Marico's design endeavour is to bring people together and enhance transparency through an orchestrated layout by conducting everything from discussions to meetings and brain storming sessions in an open workspace. The environment is more collaborated to facilitate rapid transfer of information and exchange of ideas. The new office depicts the Marico culture of nurturing, growing and fostering a spirit of openness, through open seating by cutting down almost 70% of storage area. It ensures greater collaboration and transparency. In the office, the storage area is more centralized and is shifted towards the far end of the floor. It has greatly facilitated employee movement and increased the interaction between employees.



Marico has applied for green certification of the entire project including design and layout of the new office. Intelligent light sensors are installed that gauge the outside or ambient light and adjust the internal lights automatically. For example, in summers it's fairly bright outside, so the sensors reduce the lighting or even switches off the internal lights when not required. It allows as much light needed for the employees to read comfortably. This helps save power and increases efficiency of the lighting systems.

Water free Washrooms: Marico has also gone far to save water, a whole 42,000 gallons of it every year through low water flushing toilets.



A cafeteria is already functional and so is a gym for fitness enthusiasts. The company has also arranged a pick up-drop off shuttle for all its employees to and from Bandra in the western line and Kurla in the central line. The destinations for employee pick up and drop off have been decided keeping the employee traffic and convenience of location in mind.

The new office, with its unique design philosophy and futuristic outlook, is a mirror to the ambitions of a company that is not ready to simply rest on past laurels, but looks to build a successful future.